Citizen Science

The Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois is currently collecting data from an online survey aimed at dog owners.

The study is designed to capture the practices of pet owners in terms of their lifestyle, dietary choices, and food behavior, and how they translate those practices to their pets.

They will use the survey results to develop educational materials addressing dog’s nutritional needs and wellbeing. Published results may also assist the pet food industry in developing products tailored to owners’ habits and preferences, as well as dogs’ nutritional needs.

I was encouraged as the questions were inclusive to those feeding commercial diets as well as those who feed home cooked or raw diets. I see it as another opportunity to let industry know what we as pet guardians are looking for in commercially available choices.  Another vote, so to speak.

They need 1000 more participants before the end of August.  The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.  Please consider taking the time to participate:

Direct link to the survey: