Pet Safe Cleaners

Some of you may have had food and environmental trigger tests done for your pets; typically a hair and/or saliva test. My preferred test provides a page on environmental stressors that show household cleaners and good information on grasses, pollens and general chemical agents. I’ve attached a copy of my dog Hercules’ test for reference.

Awareness about food intolerances and itchy ears, skin and other symptomatic issues, far outweigh discussion about environmental triggers.

Reading labels for ingredients also applies to cleaning products. If it’s an artificial color, scent, or surfactant, it probably isn’t good for you or your dog. If you can’t pronounce it . . .

Jennifer, owner of Swim Doggie Swim is hosting her Happy Hour series again this summer. This week, Wednesday, June 5th from 6 – 7 PM, I’ll be there to talk about natural cleaners made with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. I’ll be mixing and giving away samples and recipes. Kind of a Mr. Clean channels Julia Child event. Please RSVP to Jennifer by text, call or email at 360-582-9663 or to reserve your seat. Admission is $10.