My Story

In the early ‘90s I volunteered for a group that trained shelter and rescue dogs as service dogs. The training director saw a direct correlation between feeding our program dogs good food and quality supplements, and decreasing health issues. Our vet visits were less; consequently the bills were down. Itchy skin, itchy ears, goopey eye problems and skin and coat issues were healing faster.  Our dogs were happier and available for training.

It made so much sense! I read every canine nutrition publication I found, including books from the Drs. Pitcairn, Wendy Volhard, Marty Goldstien, DVM and Barbara Royal, DVM.  I attended seminars including Wendy Volhard’s Healthy Dog Conference, and Strategy to Successful Nutrition with Ava Frick, DVM. After meeting Dr Frick at her seminar in 2013. I enrolled in her canine nutrition certification program and earned my CCN in 2015.

Canine nutrition obviously became a passion and a practice with my own dogs and foster rescues. Even with dubious beginnings like puppy mill rescues and street dog starts, my dogs were, and are healthy and living quality lives past my hopes and expectations.

I strive to keep current on research, science and industry trends. I believe in food as a foundation of health and crucial to dogs being healthy, well-adjusted and able. I believe in nutrients over ingredients.



Certificate in Canine Nutrition – International College of Canine Studies            2014

Advanced course in clinical animal nutrition, addressing canine organ and body system nutrition   Emphasizes whole food nutrition principles to address specific issues within the canine organ systems. Instructor: Ava Frick, DVM, CAC, FAIS

BS Wildlife Biology – West Virginia University            1983 



2017     Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist; DNMuniversity

2016     Feeding Fresh; Dee Blanco, DVM

2015     Certificate Canine Diet Formulation; Cat Lane

2014     National Canine Health Symposium

  • Barbara Royal DVM (Whole Foods as Medicine),
  • Karen Becker DVM (Senior Dogs),
  • Marty Goldstein DVM (Canine Cancer),
  • Jodie Gruenstein DVM (Kidney Disease),
  • Chris Bessent DVM (Joint care)

2014     Raw Round Up with Dogs Naturally Magazine

  • Jodie Gruenstein DVM (Diet Transitions) (Supplementing Raw Diets),
  • Doug Knueven DVM (Why Whole Foods are Best)

2014     How a Nutritional Approach Can Change Your Practice; Susan Howell, DVM

2013     Strategy to Successful Nutrition; Ava Frick, DVM

2011     Healthy Dog Conference; Wendy Volhard